Myra Storm Drain Construction

City Council recently allocated funding for the construction of the storm drain detention box in Myra Avenue:

Constructing Storm Drain Detention Box in Myra AvenueThis project will provide the Myra Avenue and the adjoining streets with added protection against flooding. The new storm drain box will be installed under the street surface. The City of Cypress views the Myra Avenue Storm Drain Project as an important Public Works project, beneficial not only to the areas affected but to the community. Your cooperation during all phases of construction will be necessary for the safe and successful completion of the project. Work is scheduled to begin in April 2013, beginning with sewer repairs and modifications along Myra Avenue between Denni Street and Moody Street. Trenching and construction will commence shortly thereafter. The project completion is tentatively expected by November 2013.

This project will place a reinforced concrete box to obtain a sufficient amount of flood protection storing storm water until the pump station can move this water to Carbon Creek, just north of Myra Avenue. This product is durable, environmentally friendly, and requires minimal maintenance.

Until the storm drain box is complete, we suggest the use of alternate routes to arrive at your destination. All construction announcements and parking restrictions will be posted 48-hours in advance and door hangers will be distributed to all affected residences and businesses. Storm Drain Detention BoxWork will be scheduled in stages to allow for access at all times. Most importantly, residents and businesses should anticipate traffic detours and limited access to their homes or businesses during certain periods.

For your SAFETY and the safety of your family and visitors, please stay away from equipment and construction areas. Please keep your children from harm and instruct them to stay clear of all construction activities. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a quick and successful project completion.

To ensure open lines of communication with businesses and residents, the City has designated a project manager and project inspector to handle all aspects of the project. To ensure quick response to your inquiries, comments, and concerns, please call:

Myra Avenue Storm Drain Detention Box Construction

Project Superintendent:
Ken Corry
Excel Paving Company
(562) 599-5841

Project Inspector:
Emin Kayiran
AKM Consulting Engineers
(949) 813-1093

Project Manager:
Dario Simoes, P.E.
City of Cypress
(714) 229-6694


1) What is a storm drain?
A channel, pipe, or box intended to transport excess rain water to nearby rivers or bodies of water to avoid local flooding.

2) When will this construction begin?
The construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in early April, 2013.

3) What are the working hours?
The Contractor will be restricted to work within the hours of 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM to minimize resident inconvenience. Work on weekends are not anticipated, yet should it be necessary, residents will be advised of the need immediately.

4) Why do we need to construct a new storm drain?
This neighborhood has a history of flooding in the past. The new storm drain, in conjunction with the pump station built last year, will provide the area with adequate flood protection

5) The City just constructed a new pump station along Myra Avenue. Can’t those pumps handle this water without a storm drain?
No. The pumps and the pump station were replaced with new equipment due to age. The storm drain is a second phase needed to provide adequate flood protection.

6) How long will the construction last?
Barring adverse weather or other unforeseen conditions, the storm drain is expected to be functional by October, with all other items of construction tentatively scheduled to be complete by the end of November, 2013.

7) Will I be able to drive to and from my home?
Yes. The storm drain will be built in separate sections at different times to avoid a full street closure. These sections of Myra Avenue will be closed off to through traffic. During these periods, only residents directly affected by these closures will be allowed to enter and leave them. Through traffic will be prohibited within these areas during these times. The City asks that you adhere to all posted construction signs as they are placed for your safety.

8) Will the sidewalk be open through the construction zone?
No. For safety purposes, only residents directly affected by these closures will be allowed to use the sidewalk, escorted by the contractor. The City requests that all residents adhere to the posted signs indicating closed sidewalks.

9) Will this affect the trash schedule?
No. The contractor will coordinate with the trash hauler to pick up the trash, on the regularly scheduled day, to avoid confusion and unnecessary inconvenience. Residents are requested to leave their trash bins out the night before.

10) When will street sweeping happen?
Street sweeping will happen as normally scheduled except for Myra Avenue. Sweeping on Myra Avenue will be ongoing and performed by the contractor during the entire construction period.

11) How will the School Bus get through?
The bus will be able to drive through Myra Avenue except for the areas of construction prohibited to through traffic. These areas will shift over time and the City will be coordinating with the School District to ensure as minimum of an inconvenience as possible.

12) How will this project affect the response time of the Fire Department, Ambulance, or Police if I have an emergency?
It will not affect the response time of any emergency vehicle. Emergency vehicles are allowed to enter the construction areas while responding to emergencies.

13) Will this affect my sewer or water supply?
It won’t. There are no expected disruptions to water or sewer service during the entire construction period.

14) Where will the contractor store their materials?
The Contractor will be allowed to store exceptionally large equipment and materials, which are difficult to move in and out of the construction zone, behind chain link fencing. The City asks that residents exercise caution nearing the construction zone.

City of Cypress Department of Public Works ~ 5275 Orange Avenue ~ Cypress, CA 90630 ~ 714-229-6740