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Parkway tree

Public Works Department
Parkway Tree Policy

Revised Policy
Street Tree Selection Manual (STSM)
pdf index of tree selections for downloading and printing

On March 11, 2008 the Public Works Department implemented the new Parkway Tree Policy. Since 2002, the Department has made observations on how to improve the policy so that it may better serve the needs of the community. In the past five years, residents have requested that trees not be planted because they do not like the designated parkway tree and have often expressed their desire for a choice of acceptable trees.

In addition to the revised policy, the Public Works Department has developed a Street Tree Selection Manual (STSM). There is also a pdf index with photos of the tree selections for downloading and printing. The STSM not only includes a "menu" of appropriate trees available to residents, but also documents the common tree name, species type, minimum parkway size needed, and any other data and/or reports.