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Water Use Efficiency and Conservation - News and Tips

Conserving Water at the City of Cypress

During that last few years, California has been in a drought. The City of Cypress has made some adjustments to how we use our water:

Cypress Maintenance Yard
  • For the past few years, the City has been replacing areas with drip irrigation on the Ball Road median, the Council Chambers, etc. with funding budgeted in the City’s Capital Improvement Program
  • Public Works has replaced many of its irrigation controllers with smart controllers that use less water
  • Many of our facilities use lower water type/low flow or auto shutoff devices
  • The City replaced all landscaping at the City Yard with drought tolerant plants using Water District grant funds

What we are planning to do in the future:
We are continuing to look at different types of plants, including long growing grasses that require less water. These are currently being tested at City Hall. There are also discussions with the Recreation and Community Services Department about reducing landscape areas at parks to reduce water usage. Water conservation is important to the City of Cypress. Do your part to help preserve the precious resource of water.

How Cypress residents and business owners can get involved:
There are various types of incentive programs that residents and business owners could apply for and receive rebates! The Municipal Water District of Orange County provides outdoor and indoor rebates for drip irrigation, turf removal, spray nozzles, toilets, clothes washers, and more. To learn more about these and other incentive programs, visit

To learn more about water conservation, please visit these websites:
To read more about the drought issue and emergency regulations:
To apply for rebates:
Interested in replacing your lawn with other plants? Download the Orange County Garden Friendly Planning & Plant Guide

Overwatering is Out!

Do you know how much you irrigate your lawn, flowerbeds or trees?

There are a couple of ways to find out! To know how much you are irrigating, you can purchase a soil probe or use an old screwdriver. These two methods will help you determine if you have irrigated long enough, and the water is actually infiltrated down into the soil so that the roots can grow and result in a healthy plant.

Watch the YouTube video below to learn how to do this!

Orange County! Did you hear that overwatering is out?

Have you walked through your lawn and noticed that your shoes made a footprint on the sidewalk or drive way? If so, that means your grass has received too much water. If you see less footprint, then that means your grass has received just enough water. We understand why you want your lawn to be green and beautiful, but here are some helpful tips on what you can do to save money, water, and time.

“I like my lawn and garden to be green all year round.” If that’s so, there are a few recommendations:

1. You’ve mentioned you like to see green in your yard all year round. Have you thought about removing your turf and replacing it with eco-grass, synthetic grass, and/or California native plants? Sounds like a crazy idea and you probably never thought of even considering it. However, there are benefits:

a. You save money – who doesn’t like saving money? You can finally spend that extra money on other things you’ve been wanting to purchase for so long. Also, did you know there is a rebate for removing your turf? $1.00 (or more) rebate per sq. foot of turf removed.
b. You save time – enjoy your weekends off by not mowing the lawn and relax

2. If you think removing your turf is out of the question at this time, consider taking control of your sprinkler system with a weather-based irrigation controller, replacing your sprinklers with rotating sprinkler nozzles, or using a soil moisture sensor control. Once again, there are rebates for all of these!

For other rebates such as high efficiency clothes washers and toilets, please visit or call (888) 376-3314.

To find out more information on how you can save money, time, water, and the environment, click on the box below.

Overwatering Is Out!

Don’t Clog Your Drains

Is your toilet your trash can? People have the tendency to dump whatever they can in their own toilet and have no idea that it can have a huge impact on our sewers and oceans. Are you not sure what you can flush? Just remember the three P’s that can go down the toilet: pee, poop, and paper. Also, this list of items that should not go down the toilet:

  • Sanitary products, paper towels, diapers, baby wipes and facial tissues
  • Medications
  • Kitty litter
  • Condoms and dental floss

Please properly dispose the above items in your trash. Medications should be taken to one of the County of Orange Household Hazardous Waste Collection Centers. For the nearest location visit To read more information on how these items can harm our drains and what to put in your garbage container as well, please visit:

Useful Information and Links

To learn more about water conservation, please visit:

For more information about rebates on products for indoor and outdoor water use efficiency for residential and commercial properties, visit: